To Go Or Not To Go, That Is The Question – A Deliberation On Plantations

We’ve recently moved to the South, not quite the deep South, but still to a part of the country that prides itself on its southern roots and glorious historical past.  Virginia, known for its earliest settlement, Jamestown, in the early 1600′s, and home to the wealthiest and most elite ruling class in North America due to […]

How Tricknology Was Used To Change The Consciousness Of A Culture

I recently read an interesting article that my little bro J-Wayne shared on his Facebook page entitled, “The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap Music And Destroyed A Generation.”  In this riveting report, the author, who chose to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, outlined in stunning detail how music industry insiders were complicit in conspiring […]

Wise Intelligent on Hip Hop’s Oppression

The revolution will not be televised, but the revolting will be idolized. Mother Hip Hop is calling for her children, but something has rendered their screaming voices speechless. In this video, Wise Intelligent of the ’90s hip hop trio, Poor Righteous Teachers, schools us on the music industry’s exploitation of the African-American experience.

Get Involved: Books Not Bars

These days, activism and public service are essential to the country’s rebuilding process. Books Not Bars, an organization founded by the Oakland-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, is dedicated to the alternative rehabilitation of California’s youth, and to the concept of community service. Looking to remedy the state’s inhumane juvenile justice system (where troubled […]

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